Solar Power & Battery System Repairs, Inspections & Maintenance

If you’ve invested good money in a good quality solar power or solar + battery system, you’ll want to keep it running well to maximise your return.

Or perhaps you’ve fallen victim to shonky solar and your system is in need of repairs – or just isn’t performing as it should?

SolarQuotes can help connect you to trusted, accredited professionals who can service your system to keep it humming along, or get it back on track to better performance.

Solar Repairs

Solar power systems are simple in terms of the number of major components involved, but complex on the technology behind them, especially if they are integrated with a battery.

If your system isn’t performing as well as you think it should be; a faulty solar panel, malfunctioning inverter, misconfigured battery, incorrectly installed monitoring or poor wiring may be the cause.

As a layperson, it’s not easy to diagnose and fix the problem – and legally, usually needs a licensed electrician given the voltages involved. Additionally, tinkering with your system to carry out a repair yourself may void your warranty. You need a professional.

Solar Inspections – Every 5 years

Solar power systems are generally low maintenance – but this doesn’t mean no-maintenance. Your system is subject to harsh environmental conditions, day in and day out, so it will need to be properly checked from time to time.

To ensure your system remains safe and running in tip-top condition, I recommend you have an inspection and test performed by a Clean Energy Council accredited professional every 5 years;  a service that will only cost around $200 – $300. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

Note: In South Australia, Victoria and the ACT, an inspection is mandatory every five years – it’s required by the relevant Distributed Network Service Providers.

Solar Maintenance

For most system owners, as long as their solar panels have been installed on an angle of 10 degrees or more, they should self-clean with rain. But there may be some situations where a manual clean is necessary as dirty solar panels impact negatively on electricity generation.

Rooftops aren’t the safest work spaces at the best of times. Add electricity and water into the mix (and they certainly don’t mix) and the hazard potential is high.

If your system needs a good clean, we can put you into contact with a professional service that will do the job well and safely.

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