SolarQuotes Tools

Here at SolarQuotes, we’re always working on creating new useful and interesting tools for current and prospective solar power system owners in Australia. We aim for transparency and to give you the real numbers, unbiased reviews and calculations to base a purchase decision on. Check out the wide range of tools below, all free to use – and feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.

  • Solar Rebate Calculator

    Discover how much Australia’s subsidy works out to in your postcode, wherever you’re located in Australia using this calculator – quickly and easily.

  • Solar & Battery Calculator

    Estimate your post-solar bills and discover if a battery is worth the additional cost. Calculate your payback with and without energy storage with this powerful but easy to use solar calculator.

  • Add Battery Calculator

    Calculate your savings with our Battery Calculator for existing solar panel systems. Discover the payback period of adding a solar battery in Australia. Easy to use.

  • Solar in Your Location

    Find solar energy information and interesting statistics for your suburb or town.

  • Read independent reviews and ratings of the installers who have provided you quotes and of the panel, inverter and battery brands you’ve been quoted on.

  • Australian Solar Price Index

    See historical & current average solar power system installation prices across Australia and in your state. Drill down to view costs of various system sizes with different solar panels and inverters. Updated in real-time.

  • Get Quotes!

    Get up to 3 quotes from thoroughly pre-vetted installers in your area we trust.

  • Compare Solar Hardware

    Compare specifications and pricing of solar panels and inverters.

  • Compare Electricity Retailers

    Compare electricity plans and discover which retailer will give you the lowest bill now you have solar panels installed.

  • VPP Comparison Table

    Compare virtual power plant deals that are currently being offered.

  • PV Diverter Comparison

    Compare the specifications of various hot water diverters.

  • Compare Batteries And Hybrid Inverters

    Compare the specifications of solar batteries and the inverters they can pair with.

  • EV Charger Comparison

    Compare specifications and pricing of electric vehicle charging solutions currently available in Australia.

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