Calculate the maximum ‘Solar Rebate’ you can get when buying a solar power system.

How it works

There is a financial incentive available when you buy solar. The government calls it the ‘STC scheme’, but most people know it as the ‘Solar Rebate’, so for the rest of this page we’ll call it ‘the rebate’ even though technically it is not a rebate.

The rebate depends on:

The rebate is almost always already included in the prices you are quoted for or see advertised for solar.

Rebate Calculator

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Kilowatt (kW)

Why can’t I have a system larger than 100kW?

The rebate is only for solar systems 100kW or smaller. Them’s the rules!

Why is the default 6.6kW ?

With solar, bigger is better if you want tiny bills. Most Australian homes can only connect up to 6.6kW of panels (and a 5kW inverter).

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Why we need your postcode

Four zones are used when calculating your rebate.
The sunnier it is where you live, the more you get.
We use your postcode to work out your zone.


Why this matters

The rebate is gradually being phased out. It is reduced on the 1st of January every year until it goes to zero in 2032. If you are getting your solar next year you will get less rebate than this year. The date used in determining your rebate is the date of installation, not the date you place the order.