I have been lurking far too long and so I’ve decided to finally participate.  Initially I started creating this blog using Django Basic Apps and while I love how simple and easy-to-implement the  basic blog app is I couldn’t resist the siren song of WordPress so here I am.   The header picture was taken by my friend Katy.

I intend to write primarily about my work and my various projects.  These days I’m spending most of my time working with Python and Django.  Of all the programming languages I’ve worked with Python is by far my favorite and I’m sure there will be plenty of evangelizing about it.

I’ve also been getting into working with the Arduino.  Arduino, if you’re unfamiliar with it is a wonderful open source electronics prototyping platform that uses the Wiring programming language.

Here’s hopin’ I keep up with it!


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  • Ah that special feeling when a single plot is so elegant and concise that you can delete three other plots and about 1,000 words. 3 weeks ago
  • I can tell that my analysis just completed because my CPU fan finally ceased its high-pitched whine. That is surprisingly satisfying. 4 weeks ago
  • @mpbtownsend cool cool. I'll send something soon 1 month ago
  • @mpbtownsend either way I'm happy to share my AERA paper with you once I write it hahaha. I'd love to get your feedback! 1 month ago
  • @mpbtownsend will you be at AERA this year? I'll be presenting much of the same material 1 month ago

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