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Parsing sentences with Link Grammar and Python

This is my PyCon 2012 talk on parsing sentences with Link Grammar and Python


  • Ah that special feeling when a single plot is so elegant and concise that you can delete three other plots and about 1,000 words. 3 weeks ago
  • I can tell that my analysis just completed because my CPU fan finally ceased its high-pitched whine. That is surprisingly satisfying. 4 weeks ago
  • @mpbtownsend cool cool. I'll send something soon 1 month ago
  • @mpbtownsend either way I'm happy to share my AERA paper with you once I write it hahaha. I'd love to get your feedback! 1 month ago
  • @mpbtownsend will you be at AERA this year? I'll be presenting much of the same material 1 month ago