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Parsing sentences with Link Grammar and Python

This is my PyCon 2012 talk on parsing sentences with Link Grammar and Python


  • @jaidevd basically my hunch is some of those techniques could be powerful when applied to more specific problems in literacy research 4 months ago
  • @jaidevd also doesn't have to be deep learning but any modern ML like Parsey McParseface with TensorFlow 4 months ago
  • @jaidevd I'm interested in variations on that theme I think like doc2vec or other representations for different specific problems 4 months ago
  • @jaidevd I've mostly been using precalculated vectors from word2vec and glove 4 months ago
  • @jaidevd just trying to get a lay of the land basically. Seems like lots of opportunities for new NLP approaches these days. 4 months ago