Solar Inverter Reviews

By Finn Peacock, Chartered Electrical Engineer, Fact Checked By Ronald Brakels

We’ve published thousands of genuine, independent reviews of solar inverter manufacturers from Australian customers who have had the inverters installed on their homes. SolarQuotes has the largest database of feedback and opinions in Australia on this important solar power system component. You can browse through reviews of many brands available locally using the links below.

I am very careful to only accept review submissions from genuine inverter customers in Australia, as these are the people best able to provide an informed opinion from a consumer point of view given conditions under which the unit will operate.

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It’s interesting that while comparatively very few solar panels experience problems in the first few years of operation according to our solar panel reviews, you’ll see that it is not that unusual for an inverter to fail in the first few months (yes, even the German ones at times!).

But some brands and models are definitely more reliable than others and it’s well worth learning what brands are generally good and which manufacturers you should probably steer clear of. That’s where reading our solar inverter reviews can help as nothing beats real-world experiences.

All the electricity generated by your solar power system will pass through the inverter . It is a component that works under a significant amount of strain for extended periods and often in quite harsh conditions. This is particularly the case during summer, when ambient heat adds to the heat load already occurring inside the unit. The inverter also contains very important safety features; so it’s a purchase decision that should be very carefully considered.

This is why I also recommend you always get a 10 year warranty on a solar inverter and spend a bit more to get one with a good reliability record. As it will be a critical component of your system, doing so may save you some heartaches, headaches and money in the years ahead!

If you have a solar inverter and you’d like to post either a brief or detailed review, find the manufacturer via the links above and you’ll see an option on the manufacturer’s page where you can submit your opinions of the brand. Alternatively, learn more about submitting reviews here.

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