Jeff Elmore

Data Scientist, Engineer, and Artist

Columbia, SC




Full C.V.

Work & Research Interests

Natural Language Processing

I have worked with natural language processing techniques for over two decades. I have designed and maintained several corpora, mostly involving texts used in K-12 US schools. Necessity is the mother of invention and in service of research and development objectives I've developed a variety of individual analytic tools, complex data analysis pipelines, and custom language models used to support both academic research and user-facing production systems.


The corpora, analytic tools, and custom language models I developed have proved incredibly useful in supporting an extensive program of research into vocabulary learning, instruction, and assessment. Despite the inherently relational quality of words, the vast majority of vocabulary reserarch in education has focused on atomized individual words. My work has been focused on improving the quality of corpus analysis and designing corpora most relevant for target populations.


Although psychometrics and assessment development have not been the focus of my work, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with assessment and measurement colleagues and gain a modest understanding of assessments, psychometric models, measurement theory, and methods for evaluating reliability and validity of traditional or novel assessment instruments. My exposure to measurement science and frameworks for establishing reliability and validity now inform all the work I do, regardless of the domain. My explicit work in measurement has involved developing tools for collecting and analyzing data produced by human beings (whether students in a classroom or crowdworkers performing tasks), developing and validating measurement scales including a novel scale of conceptual complexity. I have designed a number of automated and semi-automated methods for generating language-understanding test items and for assessing the quality of generative AI systems.


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